We Organize You For Divorce.

SplitSmart Helps You Get Organized.

Gain Control. Make a Plan. Stay Calm.

Organization is the key to everything you want in a healthy, low-cost divorce. Organization leads to more informed decisions, better planning and helps keep emotions in check. Even when a couple is not on the same page.

You will be organized in 3 ways:

  • Marital Worksheet – a listing of your assets and debts
  • Co-Parenting Plan & Schedule – keeping everyone child-centered
  • Our “Provide Model” for Child Support – peaceful w/o conflict

Organize privately on your own and when you are ready, invite the other to join you. This mindful and respectful approach is key to quickly reaching fair, amicable and peaceful agreements where everyone wins in divorce. Protect yourself and your family from the pitfalls of the divorce process by being organized.

Join Our SplitSmart Pilot Program.

Here Is What You Need To Know.

Thank you for participating in our pilot program. Thank your divorce coach or mediator for recommending you into this program. Just 4 easy steps.

  1. Register & pay $47 by March 31. Use discount code: SMARTPILOT
  2. Use the app in private on your own or with the other to organize:
    • Marital Estate / Net Worth Statement
    • Parenting Plan & Schedules
    • Providing Financially for Your Children
  3. Complete 1 survey and 15-20 minute conversation providing feedback of your user experience.
  4. Receive a full refund if survey and conversation are completed within 30 days of registration.

Get Organized - TODAY!

SplitSmart leads you through an intuitive process that is clear and efficient. We use human language, not legal terms. It’s easy and we are here to help.

How Can SplitSmart Help You Right Now?

Transparent Property Division

SplitSmart streamlines and manages the financial disclosure process. We help ensure individuals meet their obligations to one another both honestly and transparently. Through manual input and direct and private connections with banks and credit cards, we organize marital estate data securely and efficiently.

While many couples may reach agreement on all items, others will not. The SplitSmart tool promotes productive mediations with a drastically reduced expense.  Organization and transparency are critical to reach equitable agreements on property division. We can help.

Provide Child Support Model

“Provide Model” for Child Support

Parents want to provide for their children to the best of their ability, but most don’t want to provide for their ex through child support. Amicable parents know that by distinguishing between adult and child benefit of money, they can avoid a lot of financial conflict going forward.

Our Provide model has two parts: (1) An expense sharing model for child specific expenses, and (2) A savings/investment model for direct contributions to child specific accounts. We help parents stay focused on the child so everyone wins.

Peaceful Co-Parenting

Parents who create parenting plans without the concern or constraint of counting overnights will naturally create a more peaceful, respectful and supportive co-parenting future for their children.

SplitSmart’s unique approach is to separate custody from support. We remove the biggest challenge most parents have in reaching agreement on flexible schedules that work best for everyone.  The result? A low-to-no-conflict parenting plan agreement where children are able to thrive in the love and support of both parents.  Now everyone can win, live and love.

Organization builds confidence and brings a sense of calm.