Property Division Agreement

Most people who are fortunate enough to have a marital estate big enough to split, don’t want to waste their money on lawyers or trying to win. They simply want a fair and equitable property division agreement where they both are happy with their bank accounts still intact. These people keep it simple by being honest, transparent, and reasonable.

A HERO’s Mindset

Mindset is your choice. Choose the mindset of a HERO, and the property division process is easy. Get tripped up and choose the mindset of a victim or villain, and the same process will cost you a hundred times more and make you both miserable.

HERO’s embrace honesty, transparency, and want to be fair. HERO’s quickly reach amicable property division agreements that both are happy with and saved big bucks in the process.

But when victims or villains play games, are greedy, or argue they’re entitled when they clearly are not in trying to get more than their fair share, they will spend thousands more and still end up being miserable.

Fortunately, SplitSmart was designed with victims and villains in mind. SplitSmart’s process eliminates most games, instills accountability, and helps ensure transparency. Transparency of data, documents and positions is critically important for ensuring your property division process is easy, smart, and inexpensive.

Property division agreements made easy.

HERO’s Guide to Property Division

SplitSmart’s magic is in its streamlined process of how it gets you both organized. Our process helps ensure both are transparent and each meet their mutual obligations of full disclosure. Once organized, getting independent financial advice is easy and ensures both are well informed and prepared for efficient and productive negotiations or mediation. SplitSmart is all about getting you organized so you can make intelligent decisions about how you’ll divide the marital estate.

How SplitSmart Works for Property Division