HERO’s Get Organized & Quickly Reach Property Division Agreement

When it comes to splitting the marital estate, HERO’s get organized, are transparent & honest, and are reasonable, respectful, & fair. HERO’s know that the best property division agreements are the one’s that are fair, equitable, and both feel good about.

Organization is key to reaching amicable property division agreements quickly & inexpensively. SplitSmart makes organizing your marital estate easy. All it takes is making a list of marital assets & debts, being complete in your financial disclosures, & transparent in your data, documents, & positions.

Once organized & having a clear understanding of what’s in the marital estate, hiring an independent financial/tax advisor, a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Advisor) to help you make informed decisions is smart & inexpensive. Most HERO’s can avoid lawyers by spending a fraction of what lawyers charge on a qualified CDFA to help mediate their property division agreement.

SplitSmart gets you organized so your negotiations or mediation is productive, intelligent, transparent, efficient & inexpensive. Use SplitSmart to create a PDF of the marital worksheet listing who gets what & documenting what actions each needs to take to transfer titles, deeds, or assets as you agreed to. Attach your Martial Worksheet and Disposition Actions PDF to your Property Division Agreement as an exhibit, both sign, file with the court, and you’re done.

HERO’s save thousands, sometime hundreds of thousands of dollars simple because they chose the mindset of a HERO, got organized, and negotiated in good faith. Being a HERO avoids the drama, trauma, and expense of being a villain.

Colorado Property Division Agreement

HERO’s use our Property Division Agreement because it’s quick, inexpensive, and fair for both people. Using SplitSmart to get organized and negotiate who gets what was the hard part. The details of what was negotiated are listed in the Marital Worksheet and Disposition Actions. Simply attached copies of the Marital Worksheet and Disposition Actions to the Property Division Agreement as exhibits, both sign, file with the courts, and you’re done!!