Find a Trusted Professional for Your Family

Divorce is inexpensive.
Emotions and selfishness are expensive.

Amicable or hostile,
Organization is a must.

Organize early. Stay calm.
Inform yourself. Make a plan.

Low Cost divorce

Nancy A Hetrick

Smarter Divorce Solutions

Save money. Save time. One financial specialist and one experienced mediator. MediationPlus®. Divorce Done Differently!

Robin Gardner, CDC, CPC

The Divorce Coach Robin

I will help you save money, time and energy in order to reach the best resolution so you can create a happy, meaningful life.

Rosalind Sedacca, CDC

Child-Centered Divorce Network

Your children are counting on you to do divorce "right" because you love them and care about their future wellbeing. Don't let them down.

Are you a Trusted Divorce Professional?

Smart couples going through divorce want a trusted professional to help them achieve a good divorce.  They might want financial, legal or parenting advice or may simply need their agreement formalized.  If your practice is focused on helping couples and families reach positive outcomes, consider posting your profile with SplitSmart for referrals.