Find a Trusted Professional for Your Family

A simple, quick and inexpensive divorce requires three things:

  • A couple that can be respectful of one another
  • SplitSmart’s organizational tool
  • A trusted professional to help you cross the finish line

SplitSmart users do the hard work of getting themselves organized for divorce.  Whether you want advice or guidance on resolving financial or child issues or simply need your agreements formalized, SplitSmart has vetted each of these professionals to make sure they can meet your needs.  These trusted professionals want the best for your whole family.

Brian Beck

OvalOptions for Conflict Management

Affordable Mediation Services

Rosalind Sedacca, CDC

Child-Centered Divorce Network

We can't undo the past. But the past can undo us if we don't accept what is.

Fran Brochstein

Fran Brochstein, Mediator

For the rest of 2020, I am charging $250 per party for a 4 hour mediation via Zoom.

James Garts

Garts Law, LLC

We'll all be better off once we get through the negotiations and can move on with our real lives.

Sally Fox, Fox Legal LLC

Fox Legal, LLC

From a client: "Fox Legal has unfailingly handled my questions and my concerns with a personal touch and with a degree of integrity not often associated with those in the legal profession. Even when I was at my most vulnerable, Fox Legal maintained respect, humor, honesty, and patience in all my exchanges with them. I would not hesitate to engage Fox Legal again."

Dr Barbara Sunderland Manousso

Manousso Mediation and Arbitration, LLC

Divorce Mediation is the most efficient and cost effective way to move forward in the best interest of children.

Are you a Trusted Divorce Professional?

Smart couples going through divorce want a trusted professional to help them achieve a good divorce.  They might want financial, legal or parenting advice or may simply need their agreement formalized.  If your practice is focused on helping couples and families reach positive outcomes, consider posting your profile with SplitSmart for referrals.

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