Requirement for a Low Cost Divorce: Get Organized

Having a low-cost divorce is dependent on both people being organized. Getting organized is the most important responsibility you have to yourself and to your family.

Join Andrea Klein @ and her guest, Carl Roberts, CEO & Founder of, in this first of a 5-part series on Getting Organized for Divorce.

One way or another, if you are going to get a divorce, you will have to get organized. The choice isn’t whether or not you will get organized, the choice is how you will go about it.

If you are proactive and get organized early in the process, even in the “just thinking about it” stage, being organized has a HUGE list of benefits including:

  • Being the difference between a healthy and low-cost divorce versus an emotionally traumatizing and financially devastating divorce.
  • A mediated divorce for $1,000 vs. a litigated divorce for $100,000+.
  • You are more in control of how your divorce process unfolds.
  • A peaceful process where everyone wins vs. a high conflict process where only the lawyers win.
  • A respectful co-parenting future where children thrive in the love and support of both parents vs. a future where your children are scarred from being put in the middle of your divorce as a prize and pawn.

The risks of not getting organized are immense.  If you wait and do it when your lawyer asks for this tuff, I guarantee you will spend thousands of dollars and countless hours doing most of the work. And, just as important, you will be more frustrated with your outcomes.  Because if you are getting organized in response to your lawyer, you have already lost half the battle of divorce.

Do yourself a favor and get organized early. Getting organized is fast and easy with Getting organized because your lawyer tell you to is incredibly expensive and frustrating.