Helpful Videos

High Conflict Divorce

Dr. Susan Bernstein is a Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach based in Rockford, NY and with clients across the country.

Why Companies Should Care

Vicky Townsend is founder of Divorce Right and highlights the impact divorce can have on a corporation’s bottomline. 

Divorce Tips From A Divorce Coach

Really great to have Jennifer Warren Medwin, Divorce Coach, Mediator and Author join today! Very helpful and insightful tips for anyone going through divorce.

False Allegations of Abuse

If there are allegations of child abuse in contested custody, you want Dean Tong on your side.

Men in High Conflict Divorce

Tina Baldwin, Divorce Coach, specializes in working with men going through divorce. More than ever, men need a coach in their corner in divorce.

Amicable Divorce Network

Tracy Ann Moore-Grant is a divorce lawyer and founder of Amicable Divorce Network.

A Litigated Divorce

Guest Joe Pickard, Colorado Divorce Lawyer, shares great advice for those who end up taking the court path to divorce.

Divorce Outcomes: Peace or Conflict

Divorce mediator Alisa Kharis was once a divorce lawyer.  She knows what she is talking about.

A Jewish Divorce

Jewish Divorce Mediator and Coach, Betzalel Rothstein let’s us know what is unique about a Jewish Divorce.

Divorcing Narcissists

with Guest, Susan M. Pava, LMFT together with Host, Carl Roberts, CEO and Founder of on NEW Show… Split Informed & SplitSmart Show.

Divorcing Narcissists & Borderlines, Part II

with Guest, Liz Merrill, Mediator & Divorce Coach

Parental Alienation

Dr. Jennifer Harman is internationally recognized leader in research and study on Parental Alienation.