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SplitSmart’s goal is to keep everyone on the path to a healthy divorce. By simplifying, organizing, and ensuring disclosure transparency, SplitSmart dramatically reduces administrative time and confusion about what needs to be done. Clients avoid unnecessary financial and emotional expense while legal professionals focus on resolving issues and formalizing agreements. With legal bills kept in check, clients are more satisfied, make more referrals, and practice profitability increases.

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How can SplitSmart help your practice?

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Intake & Disclosures

As each person identifies relevant incomes, assets, and debts, SplitSmart creates a checklist of documents each needs to collect and share. Using direct connections with over 15,000 financial institutions, we streamline the process with valid data and current balances with a click of the button. Data and disclosures are organized from the beginning for a streamlined and efficient process.


Help Clients Help Themselves

SplitSmart’s intake process is basically your intake process on steroids.  Financially, your clients come into settlement meetings with a marital worksheet already created.

For children, by keeping focus on the kids instead of each other, parenting and support plans will be largely figured out in advance. It really is that simple.


Best Parenting Plans & Child Support

Parents simply want a future where their children can thrive in the love and support of both parents.

SplitSmart’s line item negotiation approach to parenting plans and child support emphasizes the child’s wellbeing and family’s best interests to avoid the common pitfalls that traditionally derail far too many families.

Organized clients are more satisfied clients and will make more referrals to your practice.

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