*Our Pre-Divorce Consultation is a free, no-obligation 30-minute Zoom meeting.

Free Pre-Divorce Consultation*

SplitSmart organizes you with:

  • Marital worksheet – assets and debts listed for efficient negotiations.
  • Supporting documents – helps both meet their obligations.
  • Co-Parenting Plan & Schedules – ensures respectful & supportive agreements.
  • No-Conflict Child Support – it is what families want.

Our organization process is designed to help couples resolve most issues on their own. Unresolved issues are neatly organized for productive mediations.

Low Cost divorce

Divorce can be inexpensive.
Emotions are expensive.

Amicable or hostile,
Organization is a must.

Organize early. Stay calm.
Inform yourself. Make a plan.

Organize with SplitSmart
or pay WAY too much!

Organize privately on your own or cooperatively with each other. 

Low Cost divorce

Power of Organization

Organization is the guardrail that keeps everyone on the straight and narrow path to a healthy and less expensive divorce. 

Fast and Fair Property Division

A Future for Your Children to Thrive

How can SplitSmart help you?

Transparent Property Division

SplitSmart streamlines and manages the financial disclosure process to help ensure each individual is meeting his or her obligations to one another both honestly and transparently. Through manual input and direct connections with banks and credit cards, SplitSmart organizes marital estate data for transparency and settlement efficiency.

While many couples may reach agreement on all items, others will have open issues organized for productive mediations with at a reduced mediation expense. Organization and transparency are critical to reach equitable agreements on property division.

Provide Child Support Model

Peaceful Co-Parenting

Parents who create parenting plans without the concern or constraint of counting overnights naturally create a more peaceful, respectful and supportive co-parenting future for their children.

SplitSmart’s unique approach of separating custody from support, removes the largest challenge most parents have in reaching agreement on flexible schedules that work best for everyone.  The result is a low-to-no-conflict support and parenting plan agreement where children are able to thrive in the love and support of both parents.  Isn’t that what you want for your children and yourself?

Time-Saving Benefits

With SplitSmart, regardless of the size of your marital estate or how many children you have, you will spend a fraction of the time you would spend otherwise.

The average amicable couple can complete the financial intake, parenting plan, and child support process in an afternoon. Even when couples are less than amicable, SplitSmart’s process organizes everything in such a way as to minimize potential gamesmanship, help keep emotions in check and avoid huge amounts of wasted time, energy, and expense.

Being organized, mindful & respectful makes for a more peaceful process and future for everyone.