HERO’s Get Organized to Quickly Reach Agreement

HERO’s want their children to thrive in loving, healthy, and supportive relationships with both parents. They get organized and figure out the best co-parenting plans, schedules, & no conflict child support for their family because that’s what HERO’s do. HERO parents do it easily enough every day. Everyone is happier and better off when HERO’s choose to work together to raise their kids.
Co-Parenting Plans & No Conflict Child Support

HERO parents choose to work together as a team to co-parent, care for, and provide for their kids because they love their kids and want the best for them. HERO parents don’t count overnights and waive child support. They are mutually respectful, support and cover for each other, do their best, and give each other grace. Even when HERO’s aren’t getting along, they make it work because they want their kids to be happy.

The key to creating the best co-parenting plan for your family is for parents to recognize they are equally important in the lives of their child. Parenting schedules need to work for both parents and adjust over time as work or other schedules come into play. Accommodate and help each other out as needed.

The key to no conflict child support is two-fold. First, waive child support and then share in the costs of raising your child. If you make more, then pay more. If the other can’t afford it right now or doesn’t agree with it, they don’t sweat it and pay the whole expense. Part of being a HERO is giving the other grace even when they’re not being a hero.

SplitSmart is the tool HERO’s use to create the best co-parenting plans, schedules, and a no conflict approach to child support for their family.

Hero’s Guide to Co-Parenting
Kids do better by every measure of their wellbeing when their parents choose to be HERO’s.
Hero’s Guide to No-Conflict Child Support
When it’s for the kids, HERO Moms and HERO Dads make it easy on themselves and their kids.
Parenting Plans and Schedules
When it’s for the kids, HERO Moms and HERO Dads make it easy on themselves and their kids.

Co-Parenting Plan & Child Support Agreement

HERO’s use our Co-Parenting Plan & Child Support Agreement because they want a peaceful co-parenting future where their kids can thrive in loving and healthy relationships with both parents. Not only will their children be better off by every measure of well-being, the parents will be happier, healthier, and more resilient relationship with their children.

This base agreement is designed for parents to attach the details of their co-parenting plan and how they plan to provide for their children financially as exhibits. SplitSmart creates the PDFs with all the details that parents will want to attach to their agreement.

Uncontested Divorce Tool – SplitSmart

SplitSmart is designed to assist divorcing or separating parents in creating the best possible co-parenting plans and approach to how they will each provide for their children. SplitSmart is a comprehensive organization and line-by-line negotiation/mediation divorce tool that helps keep emotions in check and sets families up for their happier ever after in two homes.

Co-Parenting Plans

A comprehensive co-parenting plan is essential to ensure the children’s needs are met and parents work as a team to raise their children. SplitSmart provides templates and guidance for developing detailed parenting plans tailored to individual circumstances. SplitSmart includes a unique negotiation approach that helps ensure child centered co-parenting plans and schedules that work for both parents and the children to reduce potential conflicts between parents. Your comprehensive parenting plan includes decision-making, multiple schedules (during school, summer, holidays, vacations) and many other issues that parents should think about so children can grow in healthy relationships with both parents.

No Conflict Child Support

Most every parent wants to provide for their children to the best of their ability but no one wants to provide for their ex through child support. Amicable parents figure it out easily enough every day by avoiding child support and instead simply sharing the expenses and costs of raising their children. When parents share expenses, they do more for their children and avoid the vast amount of financial conflict that makes everyone miserable. Parents who share expenses, pay more when they can afford to and give each other grace when the other might not be able to afford the expense at the time. Peace is sharing expenses and giving each other grace.

Child Support Calculations

Step 1. Agree to waive child support.

Step 2. Total up what it costs to raise your children.

Step 3. Embrace what percentage of the total costs you are willing to take responsibility for.

Step 4. Agree to sharing expenses however it works best for you and the other parent. If you make more, pay more and help the other out.

Step 5. Enjoy a more peaceful future for you and your children as they thrive in the love and support of both parents.