Co-Parenting Plan & Agreement

HERO parents want their children to thrive in loving, healthy, and supportive relationships with both parents. They get organized and figure out the best co-parenting plans, schedules, and no conflict child support for their family because that’s what HERO’s do. HERO parents do it easily enough every day. Everyone is happier and better off when HERO’s choose to work together to raise their kids.

A HERO’s Mindset

When parents separate, it’s only natural that most everyone gets a little emotional when thinking about custody and child support. The key for every parent is to keep their emotions in check and embrace the mindset of a HERO.

HERO’s are everyday parents who are self aware, keep their emotions in check, want the best for their child, and are willing to give each other grace.`

Choosing to have the right mindset is the most important choice you can make. Choose to be a HERO and a HERO you will  be!

Be A HERO for your kids and yourself!

HERO’s Guide to CO-Parenting

When both parents have the right mindset, coming up with the best co-parenting plan for their family is easy. Those parents chose to work together as a team to parent their children. They choose to be mutually respectful, flexible, and willing to help each other out. They choose to give each other grace. In those plans and schedules, parents are happier and children thrive in healthy relationships with both their parents.

Create the best co-parenting plan for your family

HERO’s Guide to No Conflict Child Support

The secret to no conflict child support is that amicable parents waive child support all together. Those parents simply want to provide for their kids and avoid the typical conflict of child support. Instead, they agree to share in the expenses of raising their child to the best of their ability. When one earns more, they are more likely to pay more or help when the other needs help covering their share. HERO parents pay for an expense even if the other doesn’t want to or can’t.

When they can, HERO parents often go far beyond just sharing expenses. They pay allowance, contribute to a college savings plan, help their kids save for their first car, a special trip, or whatever else they think is best for their child.

HERO parents just want to provide for their children. They want their children to enjoy being kids and have healthy, loving relationships with both parents. It’s as simple as that.


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