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Our clear, step-by-step process helps couples organize parenting plans, schedules and child support in the best interest of the whole family.

costs of divorce

Best Parenting Plans & Schedules

Unique Approach Emphasizes Child’s Wellbeing

Comprehensive & Individualized For Each Family

Peaceful, Supportive & Child Centered Co-Parenting Plans

Respectful Schedules Where Parents Accommodate One Another

Holistic, Low-To-No-Conflict Child Support

Unique Approach Emphasizes Child’s Wellbeing

Parents Willfully Embrace Child Specific Responsibilities

Share Child Specific Expenses on a Income/Percentage Basis

Direct Contributions to Child Specific Accounts

Peaceful Parenting Agreements

Keep your emotions in check, priorities in order and be respectful of one another to help your children thrive in the love and support of both parents.

costs of divorce