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Parenting Issues

Brian Beck

OvalOptions for Conflict Management

Affordable Mediation Services

Cat Blake

Pathway Through Divorce

Your life. Love it. From the hurt to the wonder. From the bone to the flower.
Love it with everything you got. It’s yours.

Christina King Brown

A Practical Peace

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” – Rumi

Nancy A Hetrick

Smarter Divorce Solutions

Save money. Save time. One financial specialist and one experienced mediator. MediationPlus®. Divorce Done Differently!

Rich Heller

Rich in Relationship

Transforming Conflict into Cooperation

Rosalind Sedacca, CDC

Child-Centered Divorce Network

We can’t undo the past. But the past can undo us if we don’t accept what is.

Sally Fox, Fox Legal LLC

Fox Legal, LLC

“Fox Legal has handled my questions and my concerns with a personal touch and with a degree of integrity not often associated with those in the legal profession. “: Happy client.

Koven Mediation

As a lawyer I strongly believe that mediation is a better method for resolving disputes quickly, with less expense, and better outcomes.

Susan Pesch

Pesch Law Office PC

The only way out is through with caring support and relentless advocacy. Our firm is committed to helping families transition through emotionally challenging legal matters.

Suzanne Chambers-Yates

Your Divorce Coach, Divorce Concierge

Navigate Divorce with Confidence & Clarity.
Save Money and Gain Peace of Mind.

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