Sharri Freedman

Potomac Coaching, LLC

Practicing in States: District of Columbia (DC), Maryland, Virginia
Meetings: Remotely
Phone Number: 301-388-8466
State: Maryland
ZIP Code: 20854
Sharri Freedman
Years in Practice: I have been an attorney since 1993. I have been exclusively divorce coaching since 2018.
Education: Tulane University; BA
American University, Washignton College of Law
Professional Memberships: Certified Divorce Coach
Maryland Bar Association
Certifications / Licensing: Certified Divorce Coach
Collaborative Divorce Professional
Rates (hourly, packages): Currently $180/hour. Package rates are discounted off my hourly rate.
Why I Do This Work: As a family law attorney I witnessed the emotional and financial havoc divorce can reap upon a family and I knew that there had to be a better way for individuals to experience divorce. I am passionate about empowering the women and men I work with to improve communication, manage conflict, and find peace so they can successfully co-parent and move forward with confidence, clarity, and grace.