Alice Shikina

Shikina Mediation and Arbitration

Practicing in States: California
Meetings: Both in person and remotely
Phone Number: 415-793-8729
City: Oakland
State: California
ZIP Code: 94621
Alice Shikina
Years in Practice: 7
Education: B.F.A.
Professional Memberships: BNI
Certifications / Licensing: Mediation Certification from San Francisco Bar Association (Ron Kelly)
Arbitration Certification from San Francisco Bar Association (Ron Kelly)
Online Divorce Mediation Training by Jim Melamud
International Family Mediation Training by Melissa Kucinsky
Awards: 2017 Outstanding Mediation Volunteer from Volunteer Legal Services Corp.
Rates (hourly, packages): $375/hour with a two-hour minimum
Half-day (includes an hour of prep): $1875
Full-day (includes an hour of prep): $3,375
Why I Do This Work: I think about conflict as two doves trapped in a net. The net symbolizes communication and the doves are the parties. The more they try to free themselves, the worse their situation becomes. I keep the parties calm, while I help unravel the miscommunication and misunderstandings until they are able to freely move on in their lives.