Sophie Koven

Koven Mediation

Practicing in States: Connecticut, New York
Meetings: Both in person and remotely
Phone Number: 203-900-4929
Website Address: Koven Mediation
Street Address: 34 East Putnam Avenue
City: Greenwich
State: Connecticut
ZIP Code: 06830
Years in Practice: 15
Education: Brown University, BA
Harvard Law, JD
Professional Memberships: NY Bar Association
Certifications / Licensing: NY Bar
Certified Mediator
Rates (hourly, packages): $300/hr
Why I Do This Work: Conflict is a normal part of life, whether in families or in businesses, If parties are properly supported conflict can lead to positive change. I mediate because I want to support a positive process, as a former litigator I am too familiar with the negative impact of litigation and I am glad to offer an alternative means for resolving disputes.
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