Carl Roberts – Founder

Over $300,000 in a 10-year, high-conflict custody battle that never needed to be.

Steps for a Great Divorce

  • Choose to have the mindset of a HERO!
  • Get organized & informed.

  • Negotiate – fairly with mutual respect.

  • Quickly reach amicable agreements.

  • High-Five & Go Celebrate for being a HERO for yourself and your kids.

About SplitSmart

SplitSmart knows the emotional and financial devastation an ugly divorce can have on children and adults. We know it only takes one bad actor to make divorce go off the rails for everyone. We know bad actors can be one or both, men or women, lawyers or litigants. We know bad actors are typically good people who get tripped up by their emotions, bad advice, or being a narcissist or borderline. Candidly, much of it comes down to mindset.

Choose to have the mindset of a HERO and a HERO you will be for yourself and your children. Default into the mindset of a victim or villain, and you will make everyone, including yourself, miserable now and for years to come.

SplitSmart was designed specifically to solve the two biggest problems in contested divorce: 1. Everyone lies about money. 2. Kids being put in the middle of their parents’ conflict. We do it by getting people organized. Organized people are more likely make informed and intelligent decisions, not emotional ones. When organized, people are transparent in their data, documents, and, most importantly, their positions. Transparency is the key to building trust and quickly reaching agreements that work for the whole family.

SplitSmart was designed as divorce process guardrails that help men and women avoid the pitfalls of an ugly divorce and stay on the path to a brighter future. We know that when given the choice, most everyone will choose peace over conflict. We know most everyone wants a peaceful co-parenting future where their kids thrive in the love, support, and healthy relationships with both their parents.

SplitSmart is Divorce Organization

Organization is Critical

Whether you’re amicable or hostile, wealthy or not, how well you get organized will largely dictate how easy or hard your divorce will be.

It’s Much Less Expensive

For less than a divorce lawyer charges for 1-hour, you can get organized, negotiate great family friendly agreements, and keep your bank accounts intact.

Empower & Protect

Organization empowers you to make smarter decisions. It ensures transparency to protect both of you from the bad actor, even if that bad actor is you.

Plus Respectful Agreements

Get Organized Today


If you have kids or money, one way or another, you’ll have to get organized. What sounds better to you? Pay thousands to a lawyer to get you organized (and you’ll still do most of the work) or do it yourself for what a lawyer will charge for a 15 minute phone call.

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