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Keep Your Divorce Simple

Divorce is easy, quick, and inexpensive when you choose the right mindset, get organized, be transparent, and reach divorce agreements that work for both people. When both can keep their emotions in check and treat each other how they want to be treated, divorce is simple. SplitSmart helps you keep divorce simple with:

Free videos to help you both choose the mindset of a HERO.

Streamlined organization tool to ensure efficient & transparent negotiations.

Amicable co-parenting, child support, and property division agreements where everyone wins!

You owe it to your family and yourself to keep divorce simple and use SplitSmart.

Keep Divorce Simple

How SplitSmart Works

Do you want a good divorce where everyone wins or an ugly one where you’re miserable for years to come? The decision for a good divorce is easy. Unfortunately, it just takes one to send everything off the rails. SplitSmart was designed to help both avoid the emotional and system pitfalls that trip up good people into having an ugly divorce. It all starts with making the conscious choice that you want a good divorce. Then, with the mindset of a HERO, reaching amicable agreements where everyone wins is within reach.

Our Be The HERO video series helps everyone be self-aware and choose the right mindset.

SplitSmart app gets you organized so negotiations are transparent, efficient, & fair.

Our co-parenting/child support and property division agreements set you and your family up for success.

A HERO’s mindset, streamlined organization, transparent negotiations, and amicable agreements are much easier than you would imagine. SplitSmart provides the organizational and emotional guardrails to help keep everyone on course for a good divorce.

Get Organized Today


If you have kids or money, one way or another, you’ll have to get organized. What sounds better to you? Pay thousands to a lawyer to get you organized (and you’ll still do most of the work) or do it yourself for what a lawyer will charge for a 15 minute phone call.

Reach Respectful Agreements Tomorrow

Free 1 hour with child or financial specialist when organized.

Easy – Quick – Inexpensive

Why Choose SplitSmart

You might want an easy divorce but that’s not entirely up to you. Everyone is at risk of getting tripped up by emotions, bad advice, or by having a narcissistic or borderline personality disorder. When that happens, good people can easily become bad actors and wreak financial and emotional havoc on themselves and family. SplitSmart was designed to help you avoid the pitfalls of an ugly divorce, even if there is a bad actor.

Whether you have kids that need both parents or a marital estate that needs to be divided, organization is critical to reaching agreements where everyone wins. SplitSmart’s streamlined approach to organization ensures transparency (data, documents, positions) and instills accountability to avoid the games bad actors often try to play.

SplitSmart organizes parenting plans into a single document that transparently lists each person’s position side by side. Transparency is criticial for keeping emotional parents on track to a more peaceful co-parenting future for their children.

SplitSmart’s process for organizing the marital estate emphasizes transparency and each meeting their disclosure obligations to the other. SplitSmart organizes the data so both can have a full understanding of your estate and, if needed,  have you well prepared to work with a financial advisor to help you make smarter decisions. Regardless of the size of your estate, if you have one big enough to divide, being organized with SplitSmart will ensure your negotiations are efficient, transparent, and fair for you both.

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