We Organize You For Divorce. Financials. Documents. Children.

Get Organized

Getting organized is the most important requirement for anyone getting divorced. Organization builds confidence and calm, minimizes emotions and makes for a low cost divorce.


Reduce Confusion

Our clear, step-by-step process helps couples organize financials, parenting plans, and child support in the best interest of the whole family.

Save Time and Money

SplitSmart streamlines the financial intake and disclosure exchange process so everyone can enjoy the time and money savings of a low cost divorce.

Organization informs, builds confidence and brings a sense of calm to the divorce process.  Organization is your key to a low-cost divorce.

Only $79.

Why SplitSmart?

Streamlined Process

Clear & Transparent

Easy to Use

Healthier Divorce

More Equitable Outcomes

Thriving Families

Organization is Your Path to Peace, Love & Equality.

Use SplitSmart for a healthy, peaceful & low cost divorce.

Legal Resources

We work with trusted divorce professionals.

We believe in changing the paradigm when it comes to divorce. That’s why we partner with coaches, mediators, financial professionals and lawyers committed to equitable, clear, and collaborative resolutions. Our partners believe in helping you and your family come to outcomes that help you thrive post-divorce.

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