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Getting organized is the most important requirement for anyone getting divorced. Organization builds confidence and calm, minimizes emotions and makes for a low cost divorce.


Reduce Confusion

Our clear, step-by-step process helps couples organize financials, parenting plans, and child support in the best interest of the whole family.

Save Time and Money

SplitSmart streamlines the financial intake and disclosure exchange process so everyone can enjoy the time and money savings of a low cost divorce.

Organization informs, builds confidence and brings a sense of calm to the divorce process.  Organization is your key to a low-cost divorce.

Only $79.

This program is so useful - I have many clients who struggle with getting their documents in order, organized, and shareable. This is a great way to keep things transparent and streamlined...in that way, it really does help reduce conflict! Totally recommend.
liz merrill
liz merrill
22:32 13 Jul 21
Looking for a family law software, look no further.  SplitSmart includes a discovery platform, settlement organizer and an approach to parenting plans and child support that is revolutionary for family court. Creating parenting plans without the financial incentives of custody is the key to reaching child-centered, co-parenting friendly and conflict-free agreements that simplify the future.  Truly amazing and long overdue!  Congrats SplitSmart!
Blakelee Huddleston
Blakelee Huddleston
00:24 21 Dec 18
Probably like you, I have many friends and family, men and women, who have been through an awful divorce.  The reality is that divorce should be a good thing.  When people, caught up in their emotions, try to get the upper hand or win in divorce, they often end up hurting themselves.  SplitSmart treats the discovery process of divorce more like applying for a mortgage which helps minimize emotions and make it more of a business transaction.  SplitSmart not only organizes you but helps organize your attorney as well saving you BIG money!  Best recommendation ever!
Josh G
Josh G
14:01 18 Dec 18
Protecting kids should be the most important thing for divorcing parents.  Unfortunately, the way child support is calculated, it puts kids directly in the middle as a financial prize in their parent’s conflict.   SplitSmart has come up with an inventive way to take the kids out of the middle, called Child Shares.  Everyone wants to support their kids but no one wants to support their ex’s lifestyle through child support.  Child Shares is an expense sharing model, focused on true expenses related to the kids, and a savings model where each parent can invest in their kid’s future.  By focusing on the kid's wellbeing instead of the ex’s, conflict and litigation quickly go away.  Ingenious!
Justin Molina
Justin Molina
19:07 17 Dec 18
We all know the cliché of nobody wins in divorce except the lawyers.  Most of the time, that is because bills spiral out of control because of the discovery process.  Lawyers trying to get disclosures out of their own clients is hard enough.  But getting it from opposing parties can take ridiculous amounts of time and money.  SplitSmart would have saved me thousands through its discovery platform. Sworn financial statements are automatically created and easily updated and all supporting documents are there.  Asset/debt worksheets are created, bank and credit card accounts are automatically updated and current and income & expenses are side by side for comparison.  SplitSmart should be required for every divorce lawyer and every couple going through a divorce!
Joseph Larson
Joseph Larson
03:16 17 Dec 18

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